Lil Wayne Induced Into Coma After Suffering Seizures, Unstable Condition

Lil Wayne induced into coma after suffering seizures, unstable condition. Lil Wayne is reportedly in critical condition and getting last rites at a Los Angles hospital. The music star is said to be in an induced coma after suffering uncontrollable seizures, with his family saying their goodbyes.


Wayne’s mother is reportedly on a flight to Los Angeles, with decisions about life support being held off on until she arrives. Nothing has been confirmed at this point. The rapper, who has had trouble with seizures in the past, was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday, but released Wednesday.

Later that day, he was reportedly found unconscious by a bodyguard and rushed back to the hospital.

With doctors unable to stop the seizures, Wayne is reportedly being held down by restraints and was put into an induced coma with a breathing tube. His condition is “unstable,” according to TMZ. The site adds that doctors are investigating whether the drug sizzurp played a role.

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