Lil Wayne Says Goodbye to Fans Before Heading to Jail

A surprisingly upbeat Lil Wayne took to the Internet this morning to bid a video farewell to his fans on Ustream. Lil Wayne is headed off to jail at Rikers after pleading guilty to ‘attempted gun possession’ charges stemming from an incident in New York last year.

Lil Wayne (Photo: Ryan Dombal - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Lil Wayne (Photo: Ryan Dombal - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Lil Wayne was busted last year in July after the NYPD pulled over his tour bus when they allegedly smelled marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Officers claimed Lil Wayne tossed a bag containing a gun into the bus as they approached. Wayne later pled guilty to a charge of “attempted” gun possession and was sentenced to a year in the slammer.

“I’m out this bitch,” Lil Wayne said in his Ustream goodbye video to his fans Tuesday. “To all my fans, my real fans I really, really truly love you. I love you with all of me for real.” Wayne also took the opportunity to promote his just released LP Rebirth, urging fans to download at least one song.

Giving a shout out to his hometown New Orleans Saints for their Super Bowl win, Wayne seemed rather chipper for a man about to spend a lot of time behind bars at a notoriously rough prison.

“Thank you from the bottom of me,” Wayne said in closing out his video. “Do not forget about me ’cause I will forever think about you. I cannot wait for you to see me again.”

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4 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Says Goodbye to Fans Before Heading to Jail”

  1. damn mr. lil wayne well i hope dat dont make you feel old but i do believe in being polite n respecting yo elders but neway i cant believe u going to jail but i give u props fo keeping yo head up especially after all da bullshit people have been blogin bout u. even thou im disappointed about it u and ur music still inspires me to go out n the world n b successful n take the non exspected events n just roll wit it n dont let em get n yo way well let me stop talkin cuz i kno theres probably a billion other people who said the same thing but i just want to let u kno i wish u the best of luck n cant wait till u get out n shit on dese nigguhs wit the C4.

  2. well got damn man……..seem lik they finallt got ya ass….take it easy nd ima still be listenin to yo shit

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