Lily Allen Hates Bambi

Lily Allen Bambi dress

I’m starting to get a little concerned about Lily Allen. She’s been through a lot, (miscarriage, breakups, bad bleach jobs). Lily seems to be hitting the sauce a bit too much, and has racked up a solid record for getting snogged at celebrity events. Her hangover posts on her Myspace warn the kiddies about how effin bad a hangover feels, and to cut off their drinking at that ethereal point where a hangover won’t be your companion for the next two days. Lily needs to take her own advice!

Sadly, all of this boozing and then falling down has impacted her fashion choices. Our girl used to wear cute, retro, swingy dresses. Here we have Lily in a retro, swingy dress with Bambi spurting blood all over it. Truly a Bjork moment, but sneakier ‘cuz you have to be closer to get the shock. What IS the thought process that went into designing THIS fabric? “It will be FIERCE, girl! White satin (the fabric devoid of forgiveness) splashed with an ebola-infected deer! It can squirt blood out of it’s chest, and have an innocent, yet WTF look on it’s face! It’s MAYJAH cutting edge! With extra cutting!”

Lily has her own clothing line, so it’s entirely possible she picked this out herself… while hammered. You know how things seem like a good idea when you’re buzzing like a chainsaw? And then you forget about them, or worse, wake up with them? I think Lily’s perpetual state of pickled kept her from forgeting about this PETA-provoking ensemble. Maybe it’s a gun control statement, or maybe Lily just hates venison. Lily had to be carried out of the “UK Glamor Women of the Year Awards” where she received the “Editor’s Special Award”… like the Special Olympics of Glamour. That’s one cheapasstic looking award, too – a plastic ruler mounted on a paperweight. DETOX TIME!

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