Lily Allen loses her baby

Tragedy has befallen singer Lily Allen and her partner Sam Cooper.  Allen, who was six months pregnant with Cooper’s baby, suffered a miscarriage over the weekend and is still in the hospital for observation. This is especially sad news for Allen, as she had already had one miscarriage in 2008, and since she was so far along in this pregnancy, she was highly optimistic about carrying the baby to term.

The couple are obviously deeply saddened by the loss, and the publicist who made the announcement simply said that they were asking for privacy from the press so that they could come to terms with the loss without being hounded by reporters.  Lily has always seemed like a really sweet and genuine girl, and it’s very sad to hear about this happening to her again.

2 thoughts on “Lily Allen loses her baby”

  1. Dear Lily and Sam,
    our thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful little angel in heaven. We too lost our baby, stillborn at 42 weeks, NOTHING compares to the loss of a baby. Take care of each other.
    Kylie & Brett

  2. i am deeply saddened by this, noone deserves this tragedy, i can only hope for once the press respect ms allen and mr coppers wishes and stays away to give her a chance to grieve!!!!
    my heavy heart and thoughts are them!!!

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