Lily Allen’s dad makes conspiracy film

It’s been nearly fifteen years since Princess Diana died in a car wreck in Paris, but some conspiracy theorists aren’t willing to let it go just yet.  Keith Allen, father of pop singer Lily Allen, has made a documentary about Diana, and he claims that there is footage in the film proving that Diana knew there were people out to harm her physically, and in some particularly chilling audio footage, Diana tells a friend that her only hobby is keeping alive.

The film has been banned in the UK, but the French are willing to give it a shot – it’s going to debut at Cannes later this month.

One thought on “Lily Allen’s dad makes conspiracy film”

  1. It really surprises me that none of the Diana conspiracies look at Dodi’a link to Adnan Khashoggi (his uncle). Khashoggi was the primary arms dealer in Iran Contra. Daniel Hopsicker (in Welcome to Terrorland) reveals that Khashoggi also had links to 911 – a business relationship with the proprietor of the Florida flight school where 3 of the hijackers trained in aero-terrorism. Khashoggi is also linked to the murder (in the US) of investigative journalist Danny Casolaro (who was about to expose him). Apparently even Mohammed Al Fayed believed Diana’s and Casolaro’s deaths were linked, but the CIA stonewalled his FOIA requests when he tried to prove it.

    I developed a special interest in this network after they targeted me (in 1987) for my political activities. I write about it in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE. I currently live in exile in New Zealand

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