Lily Allen’s Mom Is Nuts!

Lily Allen is petrified that her mom’s gonna invite “random fans” INTO HER HOUSE! Lily says her mother Alison Owen is always suggesting she let her dedicated fans stay with her as a thank-you for their support! See Lily come home snammerred in the wee hours of the morning! Help her pick out which swingy dress she’ll wear! Give Lily advice on haircolor! Lily may get her drink on alot, but she’s still smart enough not to take mom’s advice. Lily expounds:

“There was one group of girl fans who flew all the way over from Texas just for one night to see me. I met them briefly. It was really flattering. I told my mother and she was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so sweet, well you should let them stay here!’ And I was like, ‘You what? Are you f***ing mental?’ I’m scared of home in case my mum meets random fans and brings them home for a cup of tea!”

Lily’s had her share of spats with other celebs, and told Britain’s OK! magazine: “I have a hell of a lot of insecurities and that’s probably why I say these things, to deflect the attention away from myself. I’ve always been rebellious and anti this and that.”

Rebellious yes, insane- at least not completely. Mom needs a head-check! Methinks mom may be up in the sauce a bit too much as well, or perhaps is developing a bit of the dementia. Lily should slip some Abilify up in mom’s morning tea and see if she’ll wise up! In the meantime, remote-view security cameras should be FIRST on Lily’s shopping list today. Yes Lily dear, even before finding MORE slaughter-patterned fabric. It will still be there, trust me.

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  1. When the tabloids can’t find anything bad to say about Lily Allen, they go after her mum? pitiful! this is a nice girl why can’t they leave her alone?

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