Lindsay Gets Some Major Birthday Bling

Lindsay Lohan turnded 22 the other day, and Samantha Ronson made sure her gift would stand out from the rest! SamRo gave LiLo a $22,000 diamond ring from Cartier! But they’re NOT dating, y’all. Even though SamRo put this pic on her MySpace page. An “insider” told British mag The Mirror that:

Lindsay is thrilled and she and Sam are very content. It’s not an engagement ring – simply a token of her commitment. Sam and Lindsay are inseparable. Sam has been a really good influence on Lindsay. There is no one else special in Lindsay’s life apart from Sam….It’s really sweet that Lindsay has found someone she can trust and rely on.

Lindsay does seem to have settled down a bit since she hooked up with SamRo, and seeing as she’s gone through much of male Hollywood already, perhaps this pairing makes some twisted sense. SamRo’s openly gay, so pretty soon Lindsay’s gonna have to open the closet door- not that anyone thinks it’s closed anymore.

Snarkista does hope Lindsay’s recent dramatic weight loss is due to happiness and not any substances SamRo might be bringing home from her club DJ gigs! Lindsay IS sporting the bling-ring around, which is as close to coming out as you can get- without actually coming out. Game’s up, girls.

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