Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Leaving Accident, Denies Hitting Pedestrian

Actress Lindsay Lohan arrested again? Yes, it may be unbelievable, but actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested again early this morning after she allegedly hit a pedestrian and left the scene of the accident.

According to police reports, the Lindsay Lohan arrest happened early Wednesday morning in downtown New York City. Lindsay Lohan allegedly clipped a pedestrian with her car as she was arriving at a nightclub at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan. The victim reportedly called 911 and was transported to the hospital for an alleged knee injury.

Lindsay Lohan denies she struck the unidentified man with her car and says the alleged incident is “really fishy” because her accuser has no visible injuries. According to TMZ, Linday Lohan told friends she had no idea anything had happened until she came out of the club later (after leaving and returning) and was arrested on charges of leaving the scene of an accident. She reportedly believes she is the victim of a scammer.

Police say no alcohol was involved in the alleged accident. Surveillance video taken from the scene reportedly shows Lindsay Lohan’s car coming very close to the pedestrian, but it is unclear if the car actually hit him. If it did, it apparently wasn’t very hard since the ‘victim’ went running after Lindsay Lohan’s vehicle after it passed him by. Earlier reports claiming that someone in Lohan’s car got out at the time of the incident to check the vehicle for damage were not supported by the video tape, according to TMZ. However, Perez Hilton claims a witness said there was face-to-face interaction between the guy and occupants of Lohan’s car after the alleged run-in.

Linday Lohan better hope that this incident proves nothing more than some lowlife trying to capitalize on being inches away from a celebrity’s car. She is still currently on ‘informal’ probation and any violation of the law could land her in jail again. Amusingly enough, the Lindsay Lohan arrest comes right after the actress spewed nasty comments on her Twitter feed about fellow child star Amanda Bynes for her erratic driving behavior and alleged multiple hit and run accidents.

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