Lindsay Lohan chooses rehab, surprise surprise

After the drama over the weekend with no bail, and then bail after all, and then her third SCRAM alcohol-detection bracelet, it appears Lindsay Lohan has now chosen to go into a substance rehab program of her own free will.  Although just about everyone welcomes this news, the timing may suggest that the decision was not entirely about Lohan’s concern for her own well-being, and may have more to do with a tactical move to help her court case.

According to Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, he has been encouraging his daughter to check into a facility voluntarily – not particularly for the purpose of recovery from her addictions, but rather to impress the judge in her probation revocation hearing that she’s serious about turning her life around.  It seems that if Lindsay does actually get better in rehab, that’ll just be a welcome side effect, a happy accident.  The main goal seems to be to keep her out of jail so that hopefully she can get back to work and start paying off her growing mountain of legal costs.