Lindsay Lohan Claims Exhaustion After Paramedics Called To Hotel

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is in the headlines again after paramedics were called to her hotel to attend to the actress. Initial rumors circulated that Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious and unresponsive, but her rep has since denied any such claim, saying the actress was just sleeping.

Lindsay Lohan is currently filming the TV movie Liz and Dick in Los Angeles. Lohan had reportedly been filming nearly non-stop for 2 days with little or no sleep. The actress allegedly was not feeling well from lack of rest and retreated to her hotel room nearby at the Ritz Carlton on Thursday.

A spokesman for Lindsay Lohan said producers of Liz and Dick became concerned when the actress did not emerge from her hotel room on Friday morning. When they could not reach the actress, they reportedly called paramedics in as a precaution. Early gossip reports suggested that a hotel employee actually entered Lohan’s room and was unable to wake her, prompting the call to 911. Lohan’s rep, however, says those reports are false.

“Lindsay was examined and is fine, but did suffer some exhaustion and dehydration,” her rep said. “Lindsay was never taken to a hospital; reports to the contrary are false. She is resting now and is hoping to be back on set later this afternoon.”

We do have to wonder why 911 would be called without someone from the hotel using a key to go into the room and check on the actress directly. So I’m leaning toward believing that actually did happen. Maybe Lohan was too tired to rouse, or she felt horrible from too little sleep and someone decided she still should be checked out. Still, calling 911 because someone is sleeping too hard is kind of a stretch.

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