Lindsay Lohan Forces The Canyons Crew to Strip During Sex Scene

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly so uncomfortable doing a hot sex scene for her new movie The Canyon that she needed company in stripping off her clothes. Lindsay Lohan allegedly couldn’t hack getting half-naked for The Canyon sex scene unless the crew also stripped down to their underwear.

Production sources on the set of Lindsay Lohan’s new movie The Canyon reportedly told about the bizarre request.

Lohan was allegedly just too uncomfortable about going topless in the sex scene unless the crew that was present took off their clothes too. The 10 person crew reportedly fulfilled the request to strip down to their undies and proceeded to film the scene, although they weren’t all that comfortable with the demand.

Perhaps Lindsay Lohan was overcome with stage fright over appearing undressed next to her p*rn star cast mate James Deen. That must be a bit intimidating, to simulate a sex scene with a guy who does it for real all the time. Still, it’s not like Lindsay Lohan didn’t already take it all off for the cameras in that infamous Playboy photo spread.

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