Lindsay Lohan Lied to Police After Car Accident

Lindsay Lohan lied to police about who was driving the rented Porsche she crashed into an 18-wheeler on June 8th, according to the latest gossip about the circumstances surrounding the nasty car crash. Lindsay Lohan allegedly told cops her assistant was driving at the time of the accident, but her assistant reportedly stated it was the Liz and Dick star behind the wheel.

Lindsay Lohan ended up in the hospital briefly on Friday after she crashed her rental Porsche into the back of a tractor-trailer truck on the Pacific Coast Highway. Witnesses at the scene have allegedly said both Lindsay Lohan and her assistant exited the smashed car on the passenger side.

According to, Lindsay Lohan lied to police and told them her assistant was driving when the accident happened. Her assistant, however, reportedly told police the actress was the one driving when the Porsche smacked into the truck.

Since the accident, Lindsay Lohan and her reps have tried repeatedly to place the blame for the car crash anywhere but on the star’s shoulders. Lohan first allegedly claimed the 18-wheeler cut her off, then stated the brakes on her rental Porsche failed, causing her to slam into the back of the truck.

If it does turn out Lindsay Lohan lied to police about who was driving the car during the wreck, she could be in some major hot water. Lying to police and impeding a police investigation are serious charges and she could find herself with a parole violation and end up back in jail.

The truck driver, meanwhile, blames the accident on Lindsay Lohan entirely and has hired a laywer.

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