Lindsay Lohan Managing Ali’s Career: Trainwreck Ahead

lindsay-ali-dina-lohanA few weeks ago, Dina, Lindsay and Ali Lohan were all out on the town. They arrived at Hollywood club Villa and were turned away at the door. Why? Because Ali Lohan is effin’ fifteen years old, that’s why! The door screener said, “No.” Dina returned with the brilliant “Do you know who I am?” Lindsay, fount of wisdom and healthy living, chimed in with “You’re making a big mistake! Huge!” Yet still, Access DENIED.

A random bouncer offers more guidance and parental judgment to Ali than her own mother and sister. No relief in sight for lil’ Ali, as insiders in the Lohan camp say that Dina is out as Ali’s talent manager/agent/producer/momager. Lindsay herself will now be in charge of the skanka-tizing of Ali, in an attempt to help lil sister’s “career.”

Betty Confidential sayeth:

“Lindsay has taken the reigns as Ali’s manager. Before she and Samantha Ronson called it quits, Lindsay was working out the details with Ali and Dina. She expressed an interest in running Ali’s career, and for the most part, she is now in control. Ali wants to spend more time in Los Angeles, and Dina was living full-time in Long Island, New York. Lindsay will now work to land Ali roles and mentor her in her music career.”

Lindsay Lohan NEEDS a job. Snarkista has forgotten her last role before she turned into a complete trainwreck. So this is definitely a plus for Li-Lo…if she’s getting paid. Ali might want to lock down her identity to prevent her credit from getting screwed at age 15.

One of Lindsay’s first tasks as Ali’s manager was to score some bikinis for the duo’s Hawaiian photo-shoot vacation last week. Lindsay came through with $5,000 in swimsuits. She also wrangled crocheted cover-ups and sunglasses! Lindsay’s a true professional swag-swooper; she’s got that shizz down pat.

The REAL work is going to be Ali’s “music career.” Ali’s singing makes my dog cry. Please, Lindsay, make her stick to modeling or something that doesn’t involve sounds coming out of her mouth. Do NOT make her design leggings.

Look for Dina to surface on “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey.” Rehab pool is now open on Ali. Snarkista gives it 2 years.

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