Lindsay Lohan Ordered to Undergo Random Drug Testing

Lindsay Lohan finally showed up in court today to a cold welcome from Beverly Hills Judge Marsha Revel. Lohan was ordered to refrain from drinking or doing drugs and if she violates the conditions of her probation, she will likely end up behind bars.

Lindsay Lohan mug shot (LAPD)
Lindsay Lohan mug shot (LAPD)

Judge Marsha Revel ordered Lindsay Lohan to wear an alcohol detection device called a SCRAM and undergo random drug testing as a condition of keeping her freedom. Lohan has been ordered to begin wearing the SCRAM bracelet (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) within 24 hours. She will also be required to attend alcohol education classes at least once a week.

Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, objected to the conditions placed on his client, saying they would interfere with her upcoming filming schedule. In response, the judge said she would be happy to read out a nice, long list of why the restrictions were more than appropriate. After that, Lohan’s lawyer pretty much STFU and accepted the conditions, which was probably a very smart idea.

Lohan is due back in court on July 6th, unless she violates the conditions the judge has laid down for her. If she does, she could find herself spending a nice stretch in jail.

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