Lindsay Lohan Probation Report Glowing, Reviews of Playboy Spread Not So Much

The latest Lindsay Lohan probation report may be glowing, but the reviews of her nude Playboy spread are not getting quite as positive of a response. While reports say Lohan has been cleaning up her act in probation and doing a good job. As for her Marilyn Monroe impression in Playboy, well, some say it’s just criminally bad.

Lindsay Lohan, 25, will be returning to court on Wednesday for a probation progress hearing for her theft case. According to, Lohan has been living up to the requirements set by the judge in her cast at her last court date. A source reports that the troubled starlet has “made scheduled meetings with her probation officer, has completed her court ordered community service requirement of 12 days by the progress report hearing, and attended all her psychological counseling sessions.”

The current legal woes for Lohan originally stem from a 2007 DUI case. The actress violated her probation in that case when she entered a plea of no contest in 2011 to a misdemeanor theft charge involving a $2,500 necklace she allegedly shoplifted.

Lohan’s representative released a press statement saying that the newly minted Playboy model is “diligently completing her community service.” Lohan was ordered to complete 480 hours of service work at the Los Angeles County morgue after previously shirking her required hours at the Downtown Women’s Center. That violation landed her a 30 day sentence for not fulfilling the terms of her probation. Due to jail overcrowding, Lohan only actually spent 4 1/2 hours in jail.

Now Lohan is reportedly taking her probation requirements much more seriously, with the oversight of a strict new probation officer. “Judge Sautner gave Lindsay a new probation officer at her last court appearance. Her new probation officer is absolutely no nonsense, and she has seen it all. Lindsay has been a model probationer so far,” a source close to the actress told

Lohan may be a model probationer, but critics are not so pleased with her modeling gig in the most recent issue of Playboy magazine. The spread (Lindsay Lohan leaked photos) was supposed to be a nod to the classic sensuality of Marilyn Monroe, but she mostly comes across as a cheap knockoff according to a number of reviews. Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor even went so far as to say Lindsay Lohan looked like a “series of toll booths” in her Playboy spread. Ouch!

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