Lindsay Lohan Saturday Night Live appearance not an impressive comeback

The Lindsay Lohan “Saturday Night Live” appearance last night was a great opportunity for the troubled starlet to prove she is still relevant and worth watching, launching the first stage of a fabulous comeback. Unfortunately, the mass opinion from critics seems to be that the Lindsay Lohan SNL performance was an overall bomb, with very few redeeming moments. Lohan, however, apparently thinks she did a great job on the show.

Honestly, I had no expectation in watching the Lindsay Lohan “Saturday Night Live” appearance that it would be anything but disappointing. Most of the skits were flat, pointless and yawn-worthy. The writing wasn’t that stellar to begin with, but in the Lindsay Lohan SNL appearance, the actress delivered most of her lines like a stoned cardboard cutout. Plus, her face looks so disturbing with those massively puffy cheeks, jutting chin and distorted lips that it was difficult to even pay attention to what was going on in the sketch. I just kept wondering if she plans to sue whoever did that to her face.

The one really fabulous sketch that did have me rolling was “The Real Housewives of Disney” — the best skit of the night really. In this segment (notably pre-taped), Lindsay Lohan only had to look bitchy and say nasty things as a pimped up Rapunzel. That seemed to be right up her alley, although the rest of the ladies in the skit still stole the scenes.

As a comeback appearance for Lindsay Lohan, “Saturday Night Live” was just a fail. You could put some blame on the rumor that the writing staff was allegedly still hashing things out the morning of the show taping. However, then you have to wonder WHY the writers had to make so many rewrites at the last minute … like axing Lohan’s singing monologue and replacing it with cameos from Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon. Especially since the replacement monologue — focused on mocking Lohan’s drug and alcohol abuse — was so unfunny as to be cringe-worthy.

Perhaps the former “Mean Girls” star couldn’t hack what was written for her and had to have her roles changed and diminished? There did seem to rather large chunks of time when Lohan wasn’t on camera at all, or was just a silent face in the “chorus” of a skit.

Let’s face it, “Saturday Night Live” is usually packed with a lot of ridiculous, totally inane material in recent years. Still, some guests manage to make even horrible skits seem amusing, like Justin Timberlake or the aforementioned Jon Hamm. In Lohan’s case, her lack of any sort of believable acting skills actually make borderline interesting skits seem aweful and transform terrible sketches into abysmal ones.

That’s my opinion, of course — although it seems to be shared by most of the critics out there who have panned the Lindsay Lohan SNL appearance. The recent Playboy model, however, allegedly thinks she did a pretty great job on the show. According to the tabloid rumors, a source has reportedly claimed Lohan thinks her performance on SNL wasn’t “perfect,” but that overall it went pretty well. We wonder if like body odor after a workout, it is impossible to smell how bad you stink at an acting gig.

Honestly Lindsay, perhaps it is just time to find another line of work? We hear you were actually pretty decent at your cleaning job at the morgue during your probation…

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3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Saturday Night Live appearance not an impressive comeback”

  1. Well I thought she did a pretty good job, I think critics are just exaggering simply because it’s Lindsay, Lana Del Ray, January Jones, and Channing Tatum were all FAR worse then she was.

  2. If you watched the prison/scared straight segment closely at all, you could see her looking to the teleprompter all the time, and still screwing up her lines. THAT is not a sign of a good actress. Be on time and KNOW YOUR LINES! She’s a red hot mess.

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