Not that this should be surprising, but instead of spending her time in rehab concentrating on, oh, I don’t know, recovering from her addictions, Lindsay Lohan has decided to focus on her financial woes, and is staging photo shoots inside the facility so that she can sell the snaps to the highest bidder.  Pictures of LiLo fetch a pretty penny these days, and since she can’t seem to stay working long enough to complete an entire movie, peddling pictures of herself has taken the place of almost all her other income. Friends are said to be concerned that, as usual, Lindsay is not thinking about the long-term implications of her actions.  If she really wants to sort her finances out for more than just the next couple of weeks, she’d be better off taking rehab seriously and getting herself well enough that she can go back to working full-time as an actress, instead of grasping at straws while she continues alternating between jail and court.

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