Lindsay Lohan Wants To Turn Your Ass Orange

Recently, Lindsay Lohan made her foray into the fashion world with her cameltoe legging-wear. She thoughtfully designed some with KNEEPADS. Now, Lindsay wants to help you be tanorexic.

Lindsay’s coming out with a line of fake tanner, a product she’s intimately familiar with! As Lindsay’s natural skin color is Fishbelly, fake tanner has been a MUST for her to blend in all of those freckles. Mama Dina Lohan probably used the orange juice on little Lindsay instead of baby lotion, and her hands are all over THIS product launch!

Dina’s no stranger to the faux sunglow…look at any of her pictures. Dina likes to call herself the “White Oprah”, but honestly, she’s “Orange Oprah.” Snarkista apologizes to Oprah for the reference, but please don’t shoot the messenger.

Look for Lindsay’s fake-tan to carry a hefty price tag just like her heinous leggings. Perhaps she’ll blog about it, since Barack Obama said “thanks but no thanks” to Lindsay’s campaign endorsement, leaving LiLo with more free time. Surely it will have prominent product-placement on “Living Lohan”, and thirty fifteen year-old Ali will be forced to slather up to promote her career as a Supermodel. Will SamRo get the glow too? Exfoliate first!

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