Lindsay Lohan’s Purse Stolen, $10,000 Allegedly Missing – Really?

Actress and newly minted Playboy model Lindsay Lohan has filed a report with the Honolulu Police claiming her purse was stolen over the weekend in Hawaii while she was at a house party. The actress claims she had left her purse — containing her passport, probation documents and $10,000 in cash — in her car. The purse was allegedly later returned by a local, but was supposedly missing the $10,000 in cash.

We have to question if even Lindsay Lohan is actually stupid enough to carry around $10,000 in cold, hard cash in her purse. Not only that, but you allegedly have this huge wad of dough in your purse and then leave it in your car while go you to a party. Does this sound completely insane to anyone else?

Lindsay Lohan’s purse, a $5,000 Chanel, was allegedly returned by an unidentified local the next day, along with her documents. Mysteriously, however, the $10,000 in cash was gone. Even more strangely, Lohan allegedly didn’t bother to question the random local who returned the purse about how it was recovered. We can just hear Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live asking: Really???


In an audio tape acquired by, Lindsay Lohan says that her car was locked but doesn’t have an alarm. However, there are no details about how the alleged thief managed to break into her locked car. Like reports of a busted out window, a picked lock, etc. etc. Lohan does whine that she needed the papers in the purse for her next court date and says she “will f—ing kill someone if I even have to get questioned in jail for a year.”

We have heavy doubts even billionaire Bill Gates would leave a bag with $10,000 in cash just laying around in his car. Or not even take the trouble to question the random person who just shows up with it the next day. Either Lindsay Lohan is coasting along on even less braincells than we thought or there is more to this story than the troubled startlet cares to tell…

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