Lindsay & SamRo At Charlotte Ronson’s NY Fashion Week Show

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson hit New York’s Fashion Week this morning for SamRo’s designing sis Charlotte Ronson’s show. The pair caused QUITE a stir at the standing-room-only show. Lindsay had to duck backstage before the show, after she initially sat down and caused the papz to go nutty! She reappeared just in time for the start of the show.

SamRo and Charlotte’s brother, producer Mark Ronson, provided music for the models to sashay to. He reportedly flubbed the ending, but even that didn’t faze the voyeurs. Charlotte’s collection included loose-fitting minidresses and girly ruffled numbers. She also showed high-waisted pleated pants that MOST women should not attempt to wear, lest they stumpify themselves.

Actress Emma Roberts said she had to avoid a “Lindsay traffic jam” as she tried to leave the show. Seems everyone has Lilo and SamRo fever! Snarkista does think Samantha’s new haircut and color are much more flattering than the bleached, hatted look she sported for so long. Lindsay looks great, especially in the ta-ta region! Which, surely, Samantha has no problem with.

photos: Getty