Lindsay’s Leggings-Worse Than Imagined

Holy Fugggin’ Crap. Lindsay Lohan’s new and oh, so hotly anticipated line of leggings is out. Only Lindsay effin’ Lohan would design leggings with KNEEPADS. Snarkista is not EVEN going there. But just imagine the design meeting where LINDSAY LOHAN advocates all the reasons women need LEGGINGS WITH KNEEPADS.

Snarkista warned you these were coming, and you ALL know leggings are her most hated item of clothing. She won’t waste your time repeating WHY (if you don’t instinctively know). But Lily Allen beautifully illustrated one reason just the other day. Additionally, leggings are guaranteed to give you THIS.

The inclusion of the ankle-cheetah, bondage zippers and Ironman fabric only multiply the heinousness of it all. Somebody call SamRo. She shops at Cartier now, so surely she can put a stop to this.