Mackenzie Phillips Had Abortion After Sex With Father

Fearing she was going to have a child of incest, Mackenzie Phillips claims she had an abortion while she was having a consensual sexual relationship with her father, Mamas and the Papas star John Phillips.

Mackenzie Phillips on 'Oprah'
Mackenzie Phillips on 'Oprah'

In an interview on Oprah this week to promote her new book High on Arrival, Mackenzie Phillips claims she was having sex with her father and her husband at the same time when she became pregnant. Unsure who was the father, Mackenzie claims she decided to have an abortion.

This shocking revelation is only the latest in a week of bombshells from the former One Day at a Time star. Mackenzie Phillip’s new book, High on Arrival, details a 10 year incestous relationship with her father, John Phillips. The former actress appeared on Oprah this week to promote the book and talk about her relationship with her father. She followed up her Oprah interview with an appearance on the Today Show on Thursday.

 Michelle Phillips, her former stepmother, has publicly declared Mackenzie Phillips is lying about her alleged sexual relationship with her father. She claims the “whole thing is timed” to help her former stepdaughter sell books. John Phillips died in 2001, so his side of the story will forever remain untold.

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  1. Hi Machenzie,
    Your are so brave to have come forward with all this information.. I wish is was at the Oprah show so i could just hug you. I hope you realize none of what went on in your life is your fault. Your father is to blame yet i understand why you still love him. He lived in a different era… Please keep looking forward to good things happening to you.
    God Bless

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