Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Ratings Record for AMC!

The Mad Men season 5 premiere ratings were through the roof! Following a long absensce of 17 months, the return of Mad Men season 5 to AMC was a huge audience draw for the network. The Mad Men fifth season premiere was watched by 3.5 million viewers, an amazing increase of 21 percent from the show’s fourth season premiere in 2010.

The fifth season of Mad Men was heavily delayed over heated renewal negotiations between creator Matthew Weiner, Lionsgate studio and the AMC network. Thankfully, everything was finally resolved and production on Mad Men season 5 resumed with the cast and crew intact. Weiner reportedly walked away with a $30 million contract for an additional three seasons of the show.

Although the overall impression seems to be that the Mad Men season 5 premiere started off a bit slow, most critics seem to agree the two-hour episode finished off very strongly and left plenty of hooks in the audience to keep tuning in.

Mad Men was the first cable series to win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. I’m hoping the show will add another Emmy to the vault after this season to join the four it has already landed.

Last month, AMC also saw a record ratings return for the second season of The Walking Dead. The zombie-filled horror series set a new record for itself with a season premiere watched by 8.1 million viewers.

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  1. Mad Men for three more seasons is incredibly good news! Since AMC is part of my free HD programming for life from DISH, this season premiere looked spectacular with my new HD setup. I loved Joan’s hot pink dress, it literally popped more than her red hair, and that’s rare! The numbers that the premiere pulled in does not surprise me and I expect the numbers to increase as the show continues through this season. I’ve even hooked several of my co-workers from DISH to Mad Men and I’m sure that these numbers will only grow as the real drama begins!

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