Mad Men Season Five Finale: The Phantom (VIDEO)

The Mad Men season 5 finale is here far too soon with an episode hauntingly titled “The Phantom”. There are many phantoms hanging over the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce at the end of Mad Men season 5, and it is doubtful that any of them will really be put to rest before the Mad Men finale is through. After all, all those hanging loose ends are what keeps us tuning in for the next season right?

In the past few weeks of Mad Men season five, fans have been rocked by one major twist after another. Joan Harris became a partner in Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce after prostituting herself to land Jaguar for the firm. Peggy Olson, finally fed up with never being appreciated by Don Draper, took a better offer elsewhere and has now vanished. Last week on Mad Men 2012, after having his first suicide attempt botched by a malfunctioning Jaguar engine, Lane Pryce took a far more public way out of life, hanging himself in his office.

Does the ‘phantom’ of the Mad Men season 5 finale refer not only to the ghost of Lane Pryce, but also to the empty space of missing Peggy Olson, and the shadow of Joan Harris’ shame and guilt? There are so many phantoms floating around Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, they should really consider calling in an exorcist for the Mad Men finale.

Honestly, all of that craziness was only the tip of the iceberg on Mad Men season five. There has been so much going on that I’ve actually gotten confused the past few weeks about whether or not I was already watching the Mad Men season 5 finale. Any of the past three episodes could have aptly ended the season with a bang and left me begging for more.

On the actual Mad Mean season 5 finale airing Sunday on AMC at 10PM ET/PT, there are bound to be more surprises and shocks before it is all through for this round. Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will certainly never be the same again. Hell, they’ll even have to change the whole name of the agency for the next season. The biggest question left to answer is: so when does Mad Men season six start?