Mad Men star January Jones allegedly lost control of her Range Rover Thursday night and slammed into three parked cars. Jones briefly fled the scene, claiming she was being chased by paparazzi.

January Jones on 'Mad Men' (AMC)

January Jones on 'Mad Men' (AMC)

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, January Jones allegedly lost control of her Range Rover around 9 PM and hit three parked cars. There was reportedly significant damage to the vehicles involved.

January Jones initially left the scene of the accident, but returned after she says she walked home and called 911. Jones reportedly claims she fled the wreckage because she was being harassed by paparazzi photographers. The Mad Men star also allegedly told police the paparazzi were somehow involved in her losing control of her vehicle in the first place.

The LAPD does not believe alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident. Although Jones did leave the scene briefly, police will not be charging the actress for a hit and run. Jones was not arrested or cited but her car has been impounded and an investigation into the accident is currently ongoing.

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