Madonna Helped Her Brother Write Tell-All Book

Madonna reportedly helped her brother Christopher Ciccone write his tell-all biography about the pop superstar, according to salacious new reports. Madonna had said she was “devastated” by revelations about her career and personal life in Ciccone’s recently released book, ‘Life With My Sister Madonna’.

However, according to the NY Post’s gossip column Page Six, the singer actually had a part in writing chapters of the book herself! A source tells the publication:

“The supposed scandal about Christopher Ciccone’s book is bulls**t. “She (Madonna) actually ghost-wrote parts of it with him, the way Princess Diana helped Andrew Morton write his book on her. That’s why there’s nothing too devastating in Chris’ book. He’s mean to others, but not so much to his sister.

SCANDAL!!!! Madonna manipulating the press for her own benefit? Wow, THAT never happens. And… on Alex Rodriguiez…

She flirted with him and manipulated him, Page Six’s source continued. She didn’t count on wife Cynthia leaving him and naming her in the divorce, though. Madonna is using the buzz over her relationship with A-Rod to her benefit. She’s ordered three A-Rod Yankee jerseys she’ll wear in the finale of her upcoming shows. All of this was created to sell tickets for her tour, which hasn’t been selling so well.

Vadge is gonna either have to turn on her bro big-time, or suffer some serious bad press. Oh, wait a minute…all press is GOOD press to Madonna! She “wrote the book” so to say on exploiting the media!

A spokesman for Madonna has yet to comment on the reports.

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