Madonna Is Over The Effin’ Hill

Over the weekend, Queen Madge blew onto British live TV and caused a big freakout all OVER the place. Dropped the F- bomb 4 times! In Need of Excedrin for Migraines: The BBC, BBCHD, BBC3, Radio 1, along with the other artists on the bill of “Radio 1’s Big Weekend” music event. Classy. The hosts and Radio One had to issue quick apologies to those who may have been offended.

It all appeared a bit desperate for Madonna; she was working a whip while delivering her “effin” tirade. Kinda uncool because she’s like, 50. And, she was preaching to “F* the present and live in the past!” Like when Madonna WASN’T 50-ISH. I bet Lourdes is pretty mortified. Her mom STILL trying to shock people and “remain relevant” is probably not a real thrill for the brow-endowed tween.

Reviews of Madge’s 20 minute set are tepid to harsh. Apparently, she was a big pain prior to the show as well, demanding not only all the backstage Kaballah krap and flowers you’d expect, but also a helicopter to ferry her from her home to the show, a whopping 38 miles. Gak.