Madonna Loses Attempt To Snag Another Malawi Baby

Madonna’s lawyer stated this morning that a judge has rejected her bid to adopt a second child from Malawi. The judge has been watching clips from the Vadge tour, and he doesn’t want the little girl in question to grow up freaky.

Supposedly, Madonna was rejected because of residency rules. That’s the diplomatic way to say DE-NIED. Malawi adoption regulations require that prospective parents live in the southern African nation for at least 18 months. Like Madge is gonna do that! She got away with kidnapping adopting David Banda 3 years ago. This time, the judge didn’t want the backlash.

When Madonna adopted David, she was still married to Guy Ritchie. Now that Guy has escaped, Madge’s house isn’t looking so stable. Her efforts to adopt had drawn criticism from some activists who said the little girl would be best off with relatives.

Madge said in her affadavit:

“I am able and willing to securely provide for Chifundo James and make her a permanent and established member of my family,” Madonna said. “To deny Chifundo James the opportunity to be adopted by me could expose her to hardship and emotional trauma which is otherwise avoidable.”

Obviously, the judge ain’t buying this shizz. The emotional trauma of living with Mommy Dearest is WAY worse.

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