Madonna Might Have A Little OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…when one feels compelled to repeat actions over and over, often washing and cleaning accompanied by phobias about germs. Madonna may have some OCD, and is definitely a germaphobe who doesn’t trust the maid to clean the toilets properly! Her phobias were center stage in her hotel in Nice, France. Vadge had all the toilets taken OUT, sanitized, and reinstalled before her recent Sticky and Sweet concert there. Additionally, In Touch magazine quotes an “insider” as saying:

Madonna is still the reigning queen of pop, so it’s not surprising that she’s picky about her thrones — especially when it comes to public toilets. Before her concert at the Palais Nakaia concert hall in Nice, France, on August 26, the singer had all of the commodes, showers and sinks removed, scrubbed down and then reinstalled. Everyone thinks she did this because she hates the thought of dirty and germy things. During her tour last year, a man stole some of the toilets from the Madonna tour and sold them on eBay for nearly $8,000!

Holy crap! (Pardon the pun). Snarkista would have to take a pass on expensive Madonna-crappers on eBay. Vadge admits she has some control issues. Ya think?!

“Guy tells me to loosen up. My friends do, too, but I can’t. I’ve always been this way.

Unless Kaballah is like Scientology and hates psychiatrists, Madonna should ring one up! With a tour named Sticky and Sweet, the gunk must be everywhere, and driving her crazy. Okay, even MORE crazy.