Madonna’s Gonna Knock You Out

Holy Hulk Hogan! Madonna’s still pumping up her big guns, and is looking freakier than ever! She’s turning into her own bodyguard. SOMEBODY needs to make her stop. This is getting ridiculous.

Here are Madonna and her arms leaving the Kaballah center in New York yesterday, where she’s been punishing teaching her son David the ways of the red string. They’ve become a fixture at the New York center since their arrival in the city last week. Madonna’s said she plans to raise her youngest son as a follower of Kaballah, but insists he is free to be a Christian like his biological father when he’s older.

Madonna’s headed to the US with her “Sticky and Sweet” tour, and if she’s rehearsing in New York again, New Yorkers’ better watch where they walk. Madge has a reputation for speeding through the city, sending pedestrians diving for safety as she races by in her caravan. She’d also beat your silly ASS with those biceps.

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