Madonna’s Rep Needs A Martini

Geez it’s been a crappy couple of days to be Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg! Madonna and Guy AREN’T getting a divorce (yeah, wait till Christmas). A-Rod is NOT taking batting practice in the Vadge. Madonna DIDN’T get all royal and almost run down the little peeps while trying to get to rehearsal in New York. Madonna DIDN’T run any red lights during the time she wasn’t scaring the shizz out of said commoners. Madonna DIDN’T tell her chauffeur to use “lights and sirens” to get her to studios on time.
Sayeth La Rosenberg:

“I can’t imagine they would go through red lights unless there was a dire security emergency. But I’m sure she is transported with utmost respect for other people.”

Sadly, Madonna’s childhood home DID burn down, and there isn’t a damn thing Lizzy can do about that.

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