Mariah’s Marriage Marathon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s wedding extravaganzas are still coming! You probably know that Mimi and Nick had a quickie ceremony in the Bahamas, and then rented out an amusement park so that friends could watch them ride the rollercoasters by themselves. Loads of fun! If you’re Mimi and Nick!!

It seems the happy couple (or at least the female half of the happy couple) can’t get enough of all things bridal- and are planning ANOTHER wedding to take place in New York, in about 6 weeks. Sources say THIS wedding will be more of what we’d expect from Mariah- over the top, 2000+ guests, 4 milion dollar budget, and at least 14 bridesmaids. Now THAT’S the Mimi we know and love!

Mariah told Ellen DeGeneres last week that most of the guests of the quickie wedding were “people there to do my hair and help with my dress”. You know, the little people! Mimi wants a wedding for the big people now, an extravaganza extraordinaire! Expect loads of celebs and paparazzi, and possibly the shortest wedding dress ever worn. Don’t wear it, Mariah! Lay off the micro-minis for just ONE day! And please, no white organza bomber jackets. Just a request.

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