Marky Mark to co-star with a teddy bear

Mark Wahlberg is taking part in a new film project called Ted, a movie about a man who is best friends with a teddy bear.  Yes, you read that right.  The film will be directed by Seth MacFarlane, the genius behind Family Guy, and will mark his big-screen directorial debut.  According to reports, the story involves a little boy who wishes that his teddy bear would become real, and it actually happens.

The two grow up together and continue to be best friends, even as adults.  As you might imagine with a Seth MacFarlane movie, though, there’s an extra twist – the bear is a drunken slacker and is cramping Wahlberg’s style.  Apparently the guy who does the voice of Stewie, Peter, and Brian on Family Guy is going to be the voice of the bear, so this should be good.