Massive Jeopardy Fail When Everyone Loses [VIDEO]

Even though I’ve watched Jeopardy thousands of times, I never even knew it was possible for there to be a three-way tie at the end. Especially a three-way LOSING tie. Apparently, however, sometimes it is actually possible for no one to walk away the winner on an episode of the hit quiz show.

Rare Jeopardy three way loss (YouTube)
Rare Jeopardy three way loss (YouTube)

The Jeopardy 3 way loss took place on January 18, leaving both contestants and host Alex Trebek in rather a state of shock. How did this come about? Well, apparently the final question of the night was just too tough for the players, and they all went crazy with their bets by risking it all.

The category for the final question was State Capitals, with the clue, “A 1957 event led to the creation of a national historic site in this city, signed into law by a president whose library is now there too.” I can say that no one in our house watching Jeopardy had any idea what the correct answer was. This seemed to be a particularly tough one, and the contestants obviously struggled with it. In the end, not one of them came up with the right answer.

To make matters even worse, all three players bet everything on their answer, which resulted in a three-way tie loss. No one earned any points, no one had any money left, and all of them walked away as losers. (Although they reportedly do get a little bit of money just for being on the show.)

How about you, did you know the answer the the Jeopardy question that stumped them all?