Mattel’s New S&M Barbie

Hide the kiddies! They better not make a life-size version of this one, or all the pervy grampas will be lined up at Toys-R-Us! Mattel calls their new Barbie “Black Canary” after the DC comic book character. Snarkista thinks they’re worried about competing with Bratz sales.

This slutty little tart hasn’t escaped the notice of some, who would rather their daughters NOT receive her as a birthday gift from the “wild friend”. There’s always a wild friend in the bunch; she’s the one mom tolerates for a bit, until she’s grounded for sending sexy pics to a 4th grade classmate. Just like Miley Cyrus does!

Snarkista assumes that S&M Barbie comes with the requisite accessories, namely a whip and some furry handcuffs. She’s wearing kinky fishnets, motorcycle jacket, black gloves and boots. She makes Kimora Lee Simmon’s “Baby Phat Barbie” look like an effin’ fairy princess. Better sneak a peek at that package from the wild friend before present opening time, mom!