Meet the Women of The Bachelor 2013 – Who Will Sean Lowe Choose?

The Bachelor 2013 Sean Lowe will have an extremely tough time this season figuring out which lady might be his perfect Miss Right. On The Bachelor 2013 premiere, Sean Lowe will have to meet and greet an overwhelming 26 women out to compete for his love and affection. From The Bachelor spoilers we’ve seen so far, some of the first impressions these ladies make are fabulous… and some are utter failures. Who will The Bachelor Sean Lowe choose in the end? Meet the ladies of The Bachelor 2013 and pick out your early favorite to receive the final rose!

The Bachelor 2013 cast
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The Bachelor season 17 cast contains the usual mixture of gorgeous women from various walks of life from all over the country. As usual, The Bachelor 2013 cast leans heavily toward the model/entertainment/beauty/fitness professional type and there are quite a few of these vying for Sean Lowe’s roses this time around. Personally, I always prefer to root for the more ‘normal’ women of the bunch — although you could hardly call any of these women all that normal. Still, I’d rather see the graphic designer or the leasing consultant win out in the end than the fashion model or hot poker dealer.

Who will The Bachelor Sean Lowe decide is the potential love of his life? Let’s take a look at the ladies of The Bachelor 2013 and see if we can figure out who will be the last woman standing!

Amanda Meyer, 26: Bakersfield, California – Fitness Model

AshLee Frazier, 32: Houston, Texas – Personal Organizer

Ashley H., 25: Garner, North Carolina – Fashion Model

Ashley Palenkas, 28: Macomb, Michigan – Hair Stylist

Brooke Burchette, 25: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Community Organizer

Catherine Guiduici, 26: Seattle, Washington – Graphic Designer

Daniella McBride, 24: Belmont, California – Commercial Casting Associate

Desiree Hartsock, 26: Northglenn, Colorado – Bridal Stylist

Diana Weeks Willardson, 31: Salt Lake City, Utah – Salon Owner

Jackie Parr, 24: Boynton Beach, Florida – Cosmetics Consultant

Katie Levans, 27: Woodstock, Illinois – Yoga Instructor

Kelly Dutton, 28: Nashville, Tennessee – Cruise Ship Entertainer

Keriann Miranda, 29: Boca Raton, Florida – Entrepreneur

Kristy Kaminski, 25: Darien, Wisconsin – Model

Lacey Latka, 24: Valencia, California – Graduate Student

Lauren Marchetti, 27: Cranston, Rhode Island – Journalist

Lesley Murphy, 25: Washington, D.C. – Political Consultant

Leslie Hughes, 28: Los Angeles, California – Poker Dealer

Lindsay Yenter, 24: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri – Substitute Teacher

Paige Vigil, 25: New York City, New York – Jumbotron Operator

Robyn Howard, 24: Houston, Texas – Oil Field Account Manager

Sarah Herron, 26: Evergreen, Colorado – Advertising Executive

Selma Alameri, 29: San Diego, California – Real Estate Dealer

Taryn Renee Daniels, 30: Troutdale, Oregon – Health Club Manager

Tierra LiCausi, 24: Denver, Colorado – Leasing Consultant

If you count The Bachelor 2013 cast ladies above, you’ll only find 25 women listed. That’s because the final contestant on The Bachelor season 17 will remain a mystery until the premiere episode tonight. In another bit of trivia for this season on The Bachelor 2013 , you might recognize the name of 25-year-old Paige Vigil, who was a ‘superfan’ contestant on the last season of Bachelor Pad. I’m very curious to see how long she’ll last on The Bachelor 2013 cast since she was eliminated during the very first episode of Bachelor Pad season 3.

There you have it, The Bachelor 2013 ladies out to seduce former The Bachelorette reject Sean Lowe. Hop on down to our comments section below and give us your first impressions of the women of The Bachelor 2013!

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