Megan Wants a Millionaire Finalist Ryan Jenkins Suspected in Jasmine Fiore Murder

Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a finalist on the VH1 reality show Megan Wants a Millionaire, is wanted for questioning in the death of his swimsuit model wife Jasmine Fiore.


The body of 28 year-old swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore was found over the weekend stuffed in a suitcase and thrown into a trash bin in Buena Park, CA. Fiore’s husband, Ryan Jenkins, reported her missing on Friday. Police believe the preliminary cause of Jasmine Fiore’s death is homicide by strangulation.

Police attempted to contact Ryan Alexander Jenkins after the body of Jasmine Fiore was discovered. Authorities were unable to locate him and feared he might be on the run.

“He reports her missing Saturday evening and we attempted to contact him to further our investigation, and he’s been ducking our calls. It’s kind of suspicious,” a police official said, according to reports Ryan Jenkins’ publicist has stated his client is consulting with his attorney and plans on fully cooperating with police on the investigation into Jasmine Fiore’s murder.

Jasmine Fiore worked as a fitness and swimsuit model and was reportedly planning on setting up her own personal training business in Los Angeles. Photos of Fiore can be seen at the site of photographer Michael Palmer.

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