Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray to Argue Singer Killed Himself?

Dr. Conrad Murray will appear in court Monday to face charges he administered a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic Propofol to pop icon Michael Jackson. Dr. Murray’s legal team is reportedly prepared to argue a defense that Jackson killed himself accidently by injecting himself with an overdose of the drug.

Dr. Conrad Murray
Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Murray’s lawyers, however, claim that the reports they will blame Michael Jackson for his own death are untrue. “That is in no way indicative of what we are going to be presenting in court,” a spokesperson for Murray told Entertainment Weekly.

Court papers filed against Dr. Conrad Murray claim that his “reckless conduct led to the demise” of Michael Jackson while the singer was in his care. Deputy Attorney General Trina L. Saunders wants the judge in the case to suspend Murray’s medical license until the criminal case against the doctor is resolved.

The California Attorney General’s Office claims Murray’s “criminal conduct and reckless actions taken in the care and treatment of his patient M.J. make him a danger to the public.” Murray’s lawyers argue that the doctor needs to continue to practice medicine to pay his legal fees, saying that it would be “financially and personally devastating” if he is banned from treating patients.

The court hearing on Monday will determine whether there is enough evidence against Murray to proceed with a trial against the doctor for involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death. Murray has pleaded not guilty to the charge. If convicted, Murray could face up to four years in prison.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray to Argue Singer Killed Himself?”

  1. Rubbish !! Another lie ! Michael could not wakeup after Murray administered Propofol 25mg (he told). In the body of Michael were others sedatives, Midazolam, Ativan etc. In combination with these sedatives, if Michael “ wakeup, he must be out of control, groggy, “ he could not reach a bottle of propofol to inject himself, and after that to drop the bottle. The fact is that with all the medications he admitted giving to Michael on top of the propofol, there was no way that man awoke and was coherent enough to administer more of this anesthetic to himself. As we learned, paramedics found a drip IV in the leg of Michael. How could he wakeup, walk around to find a bottle of Propofol, inject himself, and capable lying in bed, all these with a drip IV in leg ? This doctor think that we all are idiots? Propofol knocks out a patient in less 20 seconds. Murray, had changed his statements 5 times … when he will tell the truth ? And we learned too, that his mistress “ Baby Mama” knows more about Michael`s death.

  2. That would be a terrible defense. I hope they don’t say that. I’m curious to see what Ian Halperin will have to say about Conrad Murray in his new documentary film “Gone Too Soon”. He’s always controversial.

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