Michael Jackson ‘This Is It Song’ Actually Co-Written by Paul Anka

Just as Michael Jackson‘s new posthumous single “This Is It” was set to be released on the late singer’s website, singer/songwriter Paul Anka was threatening to sue Jackson’s estate. Turns out the new Michael Jackson song was actually recorded 18 years ago by Paul Anka, who co-wrote the song with Jackson in back in the 80’s under the title “I Never Heard.”

Michael Jackson Song

The late pop icon’s estate capitulated immediately when the scandal erupted over the origin of the new single from the upcoming Michael Jackson This Is It documentary movie. Administrators of Michael Jackson’s estate released a statement that Paul Anka would receive 50 percent of the copyright for “This Is It” – a coup that could reap millions for Anka.

Paul Anka told TMZ.com that he and Jackson did the song together for inclusion on Anka’s 1983 album Walk A Fine Line, but the song was later dropped. Anka says Michael Jackson stole the master tapes of the song from him. Later, Anka said he gave the song to a Latin singer named Sa-Fire.

The revelation of the song’s past is an embarrassing blow to Sony Music. The company has widely promoted the “This Is It” single as a previously unrecorded, original song by Michael Jackson. The Jackson estate will also suffer badly for their mistake, losing out on a hefty chunk of change that now belongs to Paul Anka.

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One thought on “Michael Jackson ‘This Is It Song’ Actually Co-Written by Paul Anka”

  1. Was this a set-up for publicity all along?

    HOW could Sony and the estate not have known about the provenance of the song – particularly as the estate’s executor, John Branca, represented both MJ and Paul Anka at that time and ‘facilitated’ the return of the ‘stolen’ tapes to Paul Anka.

    More to the point – WHY are SONY not releasing tracks that fans have been clamouring for for over 20 years – the BAD TOUR Wembley stadium concert for example – we only have teaser snippets to listen to like at:

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