Michael Lohan DNA Test Reveals He Fathered 17-Year-Old Ashley Horn

A DNA test taken by Michael Lohan, father of actress Lindsay Lohan, has revealed he is also the father of 17-year-old Ashley Horn. The teenager’s mother, Kristi Horn, has claimed for years that Michael Lohan was her daughter’s biological father. The father of four other children with another baby on the way, Michael Lohan had previously denied he was the girl’s father and refused to provide financial support for her.

In an appearance on The Trisha Goddard Show on Thursday, Michael Lohan DNA test results showed that he is indeed the father of 17-year-old Ashley Horn. When the DNA results were revealed, the girl’s mother, Kristi Horn, broke down in tears.

“You have another daughter and you missed out on 17 years of her life,” Kristin Horn told Michael Lohan after the results were announced.

“I don’t want to be a part of what they’ve called the Lohan train wreck,” Ashley Horn said just before learning Michael Lohan was her father. After the DNA results were disclosed, she refused to let Michael Lohan hug her. Lohan, meanwhile, was no doubt thinking about all that lovely back child support he is going to have to dish out to his newly verified baby momma.

“I think he knew,” talk show host Trisha Goddard told Access Hollywood. “I think he could see all of the similarities. It’s one thing looking at a photograph – it’s another seeing someone in the flesh… I don’t think it was that much a shock to him. I think he’s probably known all along.”

Considering Ashley Horn’s mother has been claiming Michael Lohan is the teenager’s daughter for so long, I have to guess that he was probably well aware of the truth. Otherwise, why did he not do a DNA test years ago so he could dismiss her accusations as false?

Michael Lohan has four other children with ex-wife Dina Lohan. He claims he was on a ‘break’ from their relationship when he had a sexual relationship with Ashley Horn’s mother. Lohan is also expecting another child with current fiancé Kate Major.

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