Michelle Bachmann Quits After Iowa Caucus Results (VIDEO)

Michelle Bachmann quits presidential campaign after last place finish in Iowa caucus results! Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann announced Wednesday that she will be resigning from the presidential race after a disappointing last-place finish in the Iowa caucus results. Bachmann said she will drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, but will continue to fight for the issues.

Michelle Bachmann finished in dead last place in the Iowa caucus results. Republican front-runner Mitt Romney took home the win, narrowly squeaking by former Senator Rick Sanatorum. After failing to pull any significant number of votes, Michelle Bachmann quits the race, but announced her decision with a smile.

“The people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, so I decided to stand aside,” Michelle Bachmann said at a press conference after the Iowa caucus results were officially announced. “I have no regrets, none whatsover. We never compromised our principles.”

“I look forward to the next chapter in God’s plan,” Bachmann said, surrounded by her family at the news conference. “I’m grateful to have been a part of this presidential contest.”

Bachman did not offer an endorsement, saying only that supporters should “rally” around whomever receives the Republican nomination, and her campaign manager said in a press statement that the conservative Minnesota congresswoman had “no time frame or person” chosen for one. Bachmann said that although her race for the GOP nomination may be over, she will “continue to fight for you, for more liberty and to stop the over-spending in Washington.”

“I ran as the next stepping stone to passing on the torch of liberty,” Bachmann said. “Make no mistake: I will continue to fight for our country…My Lord God almighty, this republic is unshakable. There is always something around the corner. I have been blessed to live a great life.”