Mika’s sister injured in horrible accident

According to reports from early this morning, pop star Mika and his sister, Paloma Penniman, were sitting on a window ledge three floors above street level last night at Paloma’s home in London, when a terrible accident happened.  The pair, who are very close, had dinner earlier in the evening and then went back to Paloma’s townhome.  Apparently they were chatting into the wee hours while sitting on the window ledge, and then somehow Paloma fell out of the window and impaled herself on some iron railings 50 feet below.  This is just so awful, it’s hard even to think about it, and as you can imagine, Mika is said to be beyond traumatized.  Rescue teams had to cut the railings out from the concrete, and Paloma was transported to the hospital with the railings still inside her legs and abdomen.  After some initial surgeries, she’s said to be in stable but critical condition.