Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus Try To Bratz Their Way Out Of Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus are reportedly trying to annoy their way out of their Hannah Montana contracts. According to on-set sources, the two have made it clear they wanna bust out of Disneyland.

Miley is freakin’ annoying enough as it is, but she’s apparently turning on the afterburners with her co-stars, hoping to make them miserable enough to call it quits, and sink the show. The sources claim that Miley wants to focus on her own singing career, and is OVER being a tween. Billy Ray has deluded himself into thinking he’ll relaunching his own singing career off the back of his re-found stardom. God help our achy-breaky ears.

Sayeth the insider: “Billy Ray has told people on set that they’ll only make another 12 episodes but Disney insists they complete the season, which was recently extended to 30 shows. That annoyed Miley and Billy Ray and now they’re behaving badly on set. They’re always late and stalling production when they get there, as well as acting unprofessionally towards their fellow cast members and crew. Everyone’s getting bitter towards them.”

Miley’s a gazillionaire, and is now quite used to getting whatever she wants. Her fellow cast and crew will likely be subjected to non-stop Miley and Mandy YouTube Shows all day long. They’ll be BEGGING to be waterboarded. If Miley and Billy Ray wanna waltz away from all of that Hannah Montana merchandise dough, Snarkista says don’t let the door hit ya in the ass. Good luck collecting royalties on those illegal downloads! ‘Er, if people ARE downloading.

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