Miley Cyrus Bashes ‘Twilight’ – Won’t Be Seeing ‘New Moon’

Miley Cyrus apparently is no fan of the Twilight franchise and has no plans on ever seeing the original film or the sequel, New Moon. In an interview with Q92 radio, Cyrus said she doesn’t “want anything to do” with the Twilight madness that has overtaken the country.


When asked if she was on Team Edward or Team Jacob, Miley Cyrus responded in the radio interview that she’s never seen Twilight and never will. “It’s a cult. I don’t believe in it,” Cyrus opined. “I don’t like vampires, I don’t like any of that stuff.”

Cyrus even seemingly complained about the commercials for New Moon airing in endless repeat on television leading up to the premiere. “I don’t like the wolf that pops out of the screen when I’m watching TV at night, I don’t want anything to do with it.”

Well, at least Cyrus admits she is kind of a pansy for her dislike of all things Twilight. “I feel really lame because everyone’s, like, so excited,” Cyrus said. “I’m like, ‘Don’t even talk about it.'”

Awh, Miley, did you have dreams they might pick you to be Bella and were terribly pissed when you never got the call? Or do you honestly not get that at least half your fans are probably die-hard Twilight groupies and you’ve just basically called them losers?

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48 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Bashes ‘Twilight’ – Won’t Be Seeing ‘New Moon’”

  1. Awh, Miley, did you have dreams they might pick you to be Bella and were terribly pissed when you never got the call? Or do you honestly not get that at least half your fans are probably die-hard Twilight groupies and you’ve just basically called them losers?

    I agree with this 100% Poor baby…..

  2. Yeah she’s just jealous because people like the movie better than her stupid face and songs!

  3. Never listened to any of your songs, heck I don’t even know what you sing, and never will! LOL!!

  4. Miley is sooooo jealous n a complete idiot! i didnt have any major problem wid her before she started being soo stupid!!!!!! first she talked abt rob n now this! well miley, after saying all this stuff, u will realise that its really ur fault that ppl hate u!!!!

  5. Miley Cyrus… You are stupid!! You are just mad that you aren’t a part of new moon!! I guarantee that if you had been offered a role in one of the movie you would have taken it, but you weren’t so now you have to bash it!! Take you fake and bad singing and TV career and drop off the face of the earth!! No one likes you or your stupid songs!!!!

  6. What an idiot. I can’t stand her. Who are you to bash anyone else. You are so young and you were grinding on stripper pole. Really? Miley, your dad is sucking your bank account dry. Wow Im just so blown away by her attitude!!!

  7. all u guys need to leave her a lone who r u to say that about her she is sweet and just cuz she dont like a movie who cares get over it and move on miley i like u and keep your head high dont let people bring u down

  8. ugh. the last part is so true. the only reason she is unhappy is because her fans are probably leaving her for Twilight. get a life, really. just because she isn’t as famous as some doesn’t mean she has to go be a jerk about it in public.

  9. She is just mad becuase the whole cast has a lot more talent then she does. And she knows it, so in order for her to be in the spotlight this week she went around talking out of her butt.

  10. miley is retarted and immature, Tilight is better than anything of hers, she has crappy songs and crappy acting… i’d pick Twiligh over her any day.

  11. wow.. it’s nice to see fame hasn’t went to her head..Miley are you serious, you don’t like Twilight? Get real!! i dont know one teenage girl who doesn’t LOVE twilight, myself included!

  12. miley sux i tink dat she is jealous dat rob kristen nd taylor r more famous den her i kno lots of ppl dat use 2 like her now dey only like 2 make fun of her cuz she trys 2 b better nd cant her songs r stupid nd lame just like HER

  13. miley, smiley, you are a jerk! just because you aren’t as famous as any of the twilight stars doesn’t mean you have to say everything public or as a statement! guys tomorrow we are going to hear what miley had for dinner posted on her website!!!!

  14. calm down people. it’s just an opinion, not that im a die hard miley fan but geez you really care what she thinks this much. not everyone has to like the movies,for me the books are better so i dont like them since their nothing comapred to the books. But seriously chill out,freaks.

  15. wow oyu people really take this to heart huh? who cares! the only part i thought was weird was when she said it was a cult, butt other than that shes just saying shes not into it. get over yourselves,not every single person has to go phyco over these sucky movies. in my opinion the books and the movies are nothing alike, and i wish they never ruined them with this garbage.

  16. Way to show how immature you are Miley! I mean, bashing something you have never watched, read a book about or anything. If you had then you would know that yeah, the characters are called vampires or werewolves, but it is first and foremost A LOVE STORY!! Like Hardewick (Twilight director) said, if it had been written/filmed 50 years ago, the characters might have been bikers not vampires because that was the most rebellious scary character of the time. But it is just a story, honestly Miley, do you really think in your little 16 year old mind that Twilight fans believe in vampires and werewolves and that they could actually be one someday. Please, I bet you don’t believe in Santa Claus either but does that keep you from ever watching a good heart felt holiday movie or TV show??? Or that there aren’t even any out there? Don’t be so close-minded, you may miss out on things in this life that are truly special along the way…

  17. did any of you ever think that miley isnt jealous shes just honestly doesnt like anything twilight.
    i know i dont like twilight,i thinks it stupid and retarded.and people dont call me jealous

  18. she’s not jealous, she’s just giving her oppinion. i’m not a big miley cyrus fan, but i applaud her for keeping it real, and not just lying that she loves twilight when she really can’t stand it. Twilight fans are over-obsessed it’s almost scary. All of you are bashing Miley, calling her stupid just because that’s not her thing, that’s not what she likes. I don’t like twilight, i won’t be seeing the movie either and that’s that.

  19. Ok. so everyone is Entitled to their own opinion, but how can you leave an opinion on something u nothing about other than its name and what you hear? How can anyone judge her music if they’ve never listened how can she do the same to this movie. I AM A DIE HARD TWILIGHT FAN….her giving her opinion is one thing stressing it and deliberately stomping on TWILIGHT NOT COOL. But guess thats where little girls maturity is and sorry but seeing her nasty minor nudety anywhere she should be ashamed of herself. Oh wait thats right the Twilight made more money in one view than her sell of what any of her albums!!! Grow up girl.

  20. she shouldn’t be bashing twilight if shes never seen it, its different if your not super famous and don’t have billions of fans to bash while giving an oppinion she did pretty much call half her fans losers for liking a movie shes never even seen. I like her music but shes being a total idiot.

  21. shes stupid, and i hope she dies.
    what a slutskankbaggggg.
    i want to punch her in the face,
    and newsflash. the killers are in the new moon soundtrack.

  22. well she just proved her point about it being a cult and ridiculous. i like twilight but its gone WAY too far and only cause ye like the look of the boys.
    seriously. ye all sound retarded going psycho at miley for not having any interest in it! ya ye don’t come across as a crazy immature cult following at all…….
    i don’t even like her but ye obviously don’t allow opinions from those who aren’t fans

  23. p.s robert pattinson goodlooking as he is, is a GOD AWFUL actor!! in fact most of the cast are! I saw new moon and spent half it hysterical when it was supposed to be serious because of the awful acting and lines… geesch… don’t even get me started on Kirsten Stewart :/ emo much.

  24. Not to mention she doesn’t even write her own music… when asked about her line from recent song “And a Jay-Z song was on…” she said I don’t write my own music and I have never heard a Jay-Z song. Like… what???!!! Miley you are rediculous… you DO NOT bash on Jay-Z and you DO NOT bash on Twilight… the only reason people even know you is b/c of your Dad…… GET REAL

  25. Want to know which Twilight character you are in the Twilight series? Take the TWILIGHT QUIZ and find out if you’re one of the Cullen coven. Test your personality to see if you’re dazzling Edward Cullen, or romantic Bella Swan.

  26. Miley, You are a bitch!!! way to be quick to jump on hating Twilight, really, that was quick. just because they are the hottest thing around right now and everyone knows it.. I’m sorry EVERY CAST MEMBER has more talent than you. You are so self absorbed ad cocky. Go dance on your stripper pole, I’m going to see New Moon.

  27. ok guys im not a miley cyrus fan or anything but i really think your taking everything up the ass and well its not like youve never liked a movie before and well honestly twilight is awesome. and miley you need to stop judging others cuz believe me your fans prob. have lots of things to judge you about after seeing you in a pole stripping and trying to be someone your not so get real and get a life hope you dont get lots of haters cuz that will suck for you

  28. I have actually just gained some respect for her. Way to go! and for everyone else whose flipping sh*t, chill, its a book. if she doesnt like it she doesnt have to. Support Cedric Diggory!

  29. im from forks. and miley has no right to bash twilight for bringing income to my community. we would all probably be homeless and bankrupt if it wasnt for twilight. maybe miley should come here and walk a day in my shoes then tell me how much she doesnt believe in it. voicing your opinions about other people’s business makes you look dumb, think before you say.

  30. Okay, you all need to get lives! Who cares if Miley hates Twilight or not? WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH!?!?!? You people are the ones who made her famous enough to get her opinion asked in the first place, and then you’re upset when you hear it? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions! Also, you guys are so mean! You don’t even know her! You all keep insulting her, saying she’s a bad singer, but she got herself famous nonetheless, and guess who didn’t?

  31. For all of you trying to be like ‘everyone has a right to opinion’–Shut up. Now.

    Twilight fans will NEVER, EVER listen to you because all they hear is their brain making Edward’s imaginary voice, and they would rather listen to paper than a smart person.

    For those of you bashing Miley…

    Nevermind, you’re just like the Twilight fans.

  32. Good deal…even Stephen King himself has came out and said how bad of a writer Meyers is…Its fan fiction at its biggest…Vampires dont sparkle and Werewolves dont rape little children because they are butthurt about losing a girl…

  33. ok i did read some of the comments now i think twilight is stupid and miley is right e shouldn’t be watching it.

  34. no you little girls…….Neither is better than god himself 
    and don’t say Stephenie is a god….I don’t even like Twilight at all..
    People driven by things that make them slaves to it….like Twilight….you can’t control on what people think or force them too…Freedom of speech right? 

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