Miley Cyrus Loses Sleep Over Skanky Pics

Although Trainreq (Josh Holly) has stopped leaking skanky pictures that Miley Cyrus took of herself, she reportedly still worries about MORE of them getting out. Why? Because she stupidly took more than the ones that were leaked. She’s worried that Josh may have sent them to other people, and that they’ll pop on the net anytime.

A source told the Enquirer that she used her hacked e-mail account on a daily basis to send pics and letters to Nick Jonas and to her friends. Brainiac! What’s more, Miley used several email accounts to spread herself around, and she’s not sure which ones got hacked!

The bottom line is, there are more scandalous pictures that may have been accessed. Miley’s losing sleep worrying about them. Let this be a lesson to all of you self-pic takers…don’t email or post anything that you’re not prepared to have the world see. The internet is FOREVER.

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