miley cyrus sideboob

Good grief, Miley! You go out to hang with your sister and “special hot friend” Justin Gaston, and decide to do a little shopping. No problem, right?

Wrong! Miley knows the papz follow her everywhere, and obviously the proprietors of Royal Dutchess don’t have a problem with them swarming their store. So, Miley decides to try on a few things, and model them for her entourage. Here’s the thing, Miley, when you go back into the dressing room to put on a new outfit, you’re supposed to CLOSE THE DOOR.

Not that Miley cares, as she’s freight-training her way into Britney-land as fast as she can, but sideboob shots aren’t what we want to see on a 16 year-old. The papz, however, are thrilled.

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