Miley Cyrus Shows Her Ass

Miley, Miley, Miley. Another shot leaked from your effin’ phone. Or from some other gadget you have. Such a flattering pose, too! Nick Jonas will come running back now- SCREW SELENA GOMEZ!!

Seriously girl, people are stepping on each other to get a hold of this shizz. Snarkista thinks you have an addiction. PLEASE Call PicsAnon immediately. Do not bring your phone to the meetings.


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24 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Shows Her Ass”

  1. Hey Miley is more known for her face & breasts as far as her best features go but she has a nice lil ass on her as well!

  2. Miley is a lovely & talented young lady but people remember she is only 16 years young!For those of u horny teen boys ya better hope she’s a hoe cause thats the only way u will”get with her”.Yep I think she’s hot from head to toe too.She has something over Salena Gomez & thats the booty!

  3. Miley cyrus is 1 hot babe. she may be young in this picture but if ur imagine her older face on this photo it really is a hot image. If I had 20 minutes alone with her i would so try to tap dat ass. I swear i bet i could talk her into bed less than 1 hour after meetin her. that would be so fuckin hot. I hope she keeps on actin like this because im still eaitin for the day a pic. of her naked is finally out. God speed that day.

  4. I think Miley is alot older than what everyone thinks. I mean in Hollywood they worry about age so who says someone wouldn’t doctor up a birth certificate to say she is younger.

    I have told my children to not follow her footsteps and they are all tired of her BS.
    We are now loving Taylor Swift and saying Goodbye to Miss Mylie.

  5. by the time id be done with you, you wldnt be be able to sit down for a month without hurting

  6. This isnt really her is it? Isnt it the same girl that was nude and looked a lot like Likey but wasnt? She was wearing sweats too i believe

  7. Miley has sexy everything-tits,face,legs & ass all!Liam better be getting into that ass of hers or I will wink.

  8. At this point Miley has been fucked up her asshole and sucked her own shit off numerous pricks! What guy wouldn’t tap that in the crapper given the chance? Spread those cheeks baby, and make yer anus gape!

  9. me enkanta miley sigue asi por fin te sacast a hana montana de encima.
    se feiz sin mirar hacia atras

  10. why tell all your dumm frinds to kiss that it is sexy please dont im warning you dont show your cougd if you do damn shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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