Mindy McCready Overdose Report: Mom Overreacted Singer Says

As we reported earlier, country singer Mindy McCready was taken to the hospital Tuesday morning from her mother’s home in Fort Meyers, FL. Early reports suggested McCready may have overdosed on prescription medications. McCready has previously allegedly attempted suicide multiple times.

Mindy McCready (publicity photo)
Mindy McCready (publicity photo)

McCready’s rep reportedly told TMZ.com that his client did not overdose on anything, but just had a bad reaction to a medication. According to Young, McCready’s mother “overreacted” when the singer told her she wasn’t feeling well after taking Darvocet for pain from a broken toe.

“She’s totally coherent,” Young said. “She can’t believe her mom did this.” Young also implied that McCready’s mother may have called 911 as a power play in a custody dispute over the singer’s son. The two are currently embroiled in a custody battle over the boy.

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