Minka Kelly – aka someone you’ve never heard of – is the sexiest woman alive

Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” issue features Minka Kelly this time around, and after the cover image was revealed, a lot of people scratched their heads and said, “who?”  People have been complaining left and right that they don’t know have the slightest clue about this girl.  The surgical-technician-turned-actress has not had a lot of different or high-visibility roles, but she did play Lyla on Friday Night Lights, remember that show?  No, you never watched it?  Well, she was also Ricki on What I Like About You, did you watch that?  Still no?  Well, she’s also been on a few episodes of Parenthood, and if you’ve never watched that one either, then I got nothin’.  I barely recognize her myself, but I have to admit, she is pretty hot.

4 thoughts on “Minka Kelly – aka someone you’ve never heard of – is the sexiest woman alive”

  1. “pretty hot”? Are you kidding she is the most unbelievably beautiful woman i’ve ever seen in my LIFE daaamnn…

  2. The sexiest woman alive?!!?! Um. Yes, she’s very attractive, but she doesn’t hit the Top 100.

    Sounds like someone at Esquire wants to get in her pants.

  3. I’ll take Monica Belluci and Derek Jeter can have Minka:should we start calling them Dereka?

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