Mixed-Race Cheerios Commercial: Why Are People Freaking Out? (VIDEO)

So there is this whole huge controversy over a Cheerios commercial featuring a mixed-race family… and honestly, we’re just confused. In this day and age, when you can’t throw a rock without hitting a blended family, why on Earth is a Cheerios ad with a mixed-race child, a white mom and a black dad such a big deal?

mixed race cheerios commercial
Who can look at this cute face and not love it? (General Mills/YouTube)

The new mixed-race Cheerios advertisement is about the most banal, innocent, boring commercial for a cereal product ever. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing offensive in any way possible about this commercial.

An adorable little girl (who we think resembles Shirley Temple all over the place) walks up to a kitchen table where her mother is seated and says, “Mom, Dad told me Cheerios are good for your heart, is that true?” Mom replies, “Says here that Cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove cholesterol and that’s heart healthy.” The kid responds by dumping the Cheerios box over her sleeping dad’s chest. He wakes up covered in Cheerios and squeals out something that sounds like “Karen?!?”

The problem is, according to absolutely ridiculous people from another century, is that mom is white, dad is black and the girl with the killer cuteness is supposed to be their mixed-race baby. Even though we are pretty clear it is 2013, a whole lot of people seemingly trapped somewhere in 1913 are in an outrage over this squeaky clean portrayal of a mixed-race family. Seriously, people are launching boycotts. They are yelling, they are screaming, they are freaking out. They are doing it… anonymously on the Internet (for the most part) so they don’t look like racists to their neighbors, friends and families.

Thankfully, General Mills is not bowing to pressure from radicalists who have their heads stuck up somewhere the sun doesn’t shine and have decided to keep the ad running. “Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad, the General Mills vice president of marketing told the New York Daily News. “At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all.”

As it should be, General Mills, as it should be.

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3 thoughts on “Mixed-Race Cheerios Commercial: Why Are People Freaking Out? (VIDEO)”

  1. Shame on anyone bothered by this Ad……What a Beautiful Little girl

    -A Proudly Pro-Life woman that disagrees with Obama and like minded on most , if not all, their polices…..just wanted to share this comment above

  2. The people over at FOX News are outraged over this ad. Typical Republicans…

  3. That was way too cute! Oh, the nonesense about people being offended at the ad…they are only stupid people. Just as minorities need to see themselves represented in media, so do families that are made up like this one. If you are going to incorporate gay people in media, then a mixed race couple and their offsrping should be no problem. At least it is a godly union!

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